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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is a form of Energy Therapy. It is a calibration of the body, mind and spirit. Whether mildly stressed or under any type of conventional treatment, sound therapy balances the body through sound waves that both initiate and accelerate healing.

Cymatics, which is the science of physical sound on matter, tells us how sound therapy works and has proven its efficacy through a myriad of studies and clinical trials.

Using sound to maintain optimum health or assist in healing ailments from depression and anxiety to all forms of cancer has become more main stream.

Sound creates waves of force that can move physical objects either towards or away from the source of that sound. By using standing waves of low frequency sound combined with subtle variations in the frequency and wavelength, we can directly affect fluids such as blood and lymph, influence both the endocrine system and metabolism, and even manipulate tissues in the human body.

Knowing which bowl resonates to which part, or system, of the body, as well as how each bowls’ vibration plays off the other bowls, is vital in sound therapy.

The vibration these bowls emit calibrates your body, bringing your entire being, body and mind, into balance. When your body is in complete harmony, stress and anxiety are reduced and the body is in a state of peace and calm which allows for healing to take place on all levels, faster and more easily.

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This technology blends the world of Vibrational Medicine with today’s ‘hard core science’ to bring significant new healing modalities to the world of medicine.

Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, bells, and tuning forks are all powerful healing instruments. They send out a vibration that resonates perfectly to the corresponding parts of the body.

When we are surrounded by the right frequencies, we can be invigorated, energized and balanced. It has been demonstrated clinically that correct soundwaves add to our general health and well-being. This can be an important part of our program of primary prevention – the prevention of illness at a pre-physical, energy-imbalance level.

While it is true that sound therapy initiates and accelerates healing one must also understand, just as sound can heal, so too, it can harm. 

Only a Certified Sound Therapist is qualified to administer sound therapy properly to ensure the client receives positive benefits.

When improperly administered, sound creates dissonance which can cause blood vessels to constrict, blood pressure to rise, pulse and respiratory rates can increase, extra fats can be released into the blood stream and blood magnesium levels can fall. It can also cause migraines, vertigo, swelling of the adrenal gland, metabolic stress on the pituitary/adrenal complex thereby causing increased adrenocortical activity, and vasoconstriction and it can disrupt the central nervous system.

Properly administered, sound therapy facilitates healing toward optimum health and well-being. It is not to be used in lieu of conventional treatments but rather in conjunction with conventional treatments.