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Quantum Wellness,

 I now know when someone tells me how painful shingles are, I am in total sympathy and a believer.

I suffered a bad case on my left upper arm, under the arm, and chest. The pain was excruciating and prevented me from sleeping and some days from working. Pain medicine and the prescription Lyrica from the Doctor did very little to help.   

I was at a meeting with T Love of Quantum Wellness and she noticed my pain and discomfort. I have had sessions with T before for stress and minor pain in other areas. I did not think of her immediately because the Doctor told me it could be several months to a year before it might subside.

The appointment was made with T and the session was good, but I still had the rash and pain. I did sleep that night and noticed the pain  was not as severe and the rash was less noticeable. Within 48 hours, I was pain free and no rash.

I went to the Doctor after a few days and he was surprised, but glad that it was gone. "Amazing" was his comment.

 The care and compassion offered at Quantum Wellness is second to none and I highly recommend the services offered.


Catherine Kut

May, 2019

T Love is truly amazing. Her gift of sound healing is by far the most unique experience I have ever had. She plays her bowls and it penetrates your soul. I go into an incredible relaxed state, and always feel great after a session. The feelings of calm, quiet and higher vibration in my body after her concerts are a precious gift. Her gift has a profound energetic and emotional shift for me. I highly recommend making an appointment with T. It's a great way of clearing, soothing and resetting.

Nancy T. 

Hi T

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I appreciate you and all you add to my life. Your energy therapy sessions and crystal bowls, I've come to realize are essential to my wellbeing. With a more than full time job running my business, and an aging parent who depends largely on me, my stress levels are often through the roof. Enter Quantum Wellness, and YOU, wonderful YOU! I'm serious.......you save my life every time I see you. The sounds of the bowls are haunting and beautiful, and I leave feeling soothed and balanced. We all need an occasional tune up, to remain sane, and that's what the sessions do for me. Its beyond wonderful, and I just want you to know that I feel truly blessed to know you, and am so thankful for all you do for me!!!!

Much Love

Leigh Ann Sabia 


From your concerts on the lake, walking your labyrinth, in-person therapy sessions and remote sessions, you have done so much for me and my family over the years I’ve known you. No matter when I’m calling or what I’m asking, you’ve always been ready and willing to squeeze me in or help from afar. I appreciate YOU, and I’m grateful we’ve gotten to know each other so well.

Intending you the best the Universe has to offer,

Jacqulyn P.

I have been a client of T Love for more than 10 years. Every session allows me to fully relax reaping all the benefits of her therapies. Her years of education, and continued study in this field is what sets T apart from the rest. Her education coupled with the spirituality, compassion, kindness, and gratitude she brings to her work make her phenomenal. There are so few accredited Energy/Sound Therapists in this world, I know how fortunate I am to have access to one of the best and I live 2 hours away, but she’s well worth the drive.

By the way, T, congratulations on your Board Certification. I know the time and effort it takes to achieve that highly distinguished honor. There are so few in your field who take the time to study before doing. Kudos to you for going above and beyond by acquiring certification and accreditation to ensure your clients and patients are getting the appropriate and proper care they need and deserve. Well done my lady! Well done!

 Paul D, PA

I started therapy sessions with T at the age of 18 when I experienced a trauma in my life that seemed so insurmountable. After only 2 sessions, I not only felt better, but I learned so much from her. T’s energy is pure. The time, care, compassion and empathy T put into her work with me was incredible. I felt like I mattered, and I was worthy of life. She gave me comfort when I had none, she provided compassion when I felt worthless and she stopped me from making a very big, HUGE, mistake. I am a living, breathing, HAPPY person because of T Love. I don’t live in the area any more but, every time I come back to visit friends and family, I make time for an appointment with T because there is just no one else like her. She’s an angel on earth and I cannot wait to introduce my new baby to her.

Melissa K.

I was referred to T by a friend who is a patient of hers. She always talked about T, gave her rave reviews and suggested I make an appointment for no other reason than to reduce overwhelm and stress. I did, but not until after I received a life changing diagnosis. T took time with me, we talked, she worked on me, gave me sound therapy, talked more and while I did require surgery and I didn’t receive a miracle cure from T, I have to say, the sense of peace I had, the change in my attitude from despair to hope, I KNOW that made a difference in the outcome. My family noticed a difference right away. My husband also had a session with T and he thanked her because he saw me dealing with my health concern in a much more positive way and he was able to remain calm throughout. We are both so grateful for her compassion, care and time. That’s how we got through and now, life is not the same, it’s a new normal, much better and we’re doing very well. Thank you, T. You’re the BEST!

 Tom and Jamie Z.

Postpartum hit me hard after I had my baby. I went to T. What a difference. She’s awesome! I felt great after one visit and then attended a concert. That was a real turning point for me. I left the concert hall feeling as though I could conquer the world. T knows what she’s doing and what she does works! Thank you for making my life so much easier and healthier.

Amanda-Lee Roth

I feel just like I do after a massage but you didn't lay a glove on me.

Jim Furgeson (Director, Newton Medical Center Foundation)

All the mind chatter is gone. I feel good, really good. I haven't felt this good in . . . years.

Roseanne T., Livingston, NJ

Mr. & Mrs. ----- are patients of mine. His reflux problem was apparently healed completely by you with your crystal bowl technique. I'm impressed.

Arthur Gertler, MD, Natick, MA

I had to write and tell you what a wonderful experience last night's concert was for me. I've been trying to learn to meditate and use visualization and get myself balanced again. Not only do I feel as though the bowls helped me in that regard, but I went to the surgeon today to discuss an upcoming biopsy that I needed. There was a small mass found in my breast a few weeks ago and I've been getting tests and seeing surgeons. It's been very stressful.

In any case, when I went to the doctor today she said she wanted to do her own ultrasound to see what was going on. When she did, she found no mass. She said, ‘there's nothing there to biopsy.’ I knew immediately why. Thank you so much!!!! I can't express my gratitude in being exposed to exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I really feel as though I'm finally moving in the direction I need to be moving in. I would like very much to come in and see you again. Again, thank you so much!!!! Much love."

Linda P., Newton, NJ

UPDATE: Since that first concert I attended, I have been helped by the bowls several times, clearing up sinus infections, ear pain, pinched nerve pain, and other conditions. I have not had any ailment that wasn’t improved with a visit to T Love. Not only did I find healing, I learned to heal myself as well. The energy and sound therapy which T Love provides has been a wonderful way to get centered and grounded in my life.

T's intuition and guidance both personally and through her expertise in energy and sound therapy provided me with a balanced approach to life and a kindness to myself that I was missing.

Linda P., Newton, NJ

I had a car accident in 2003, ended up all the disks in my neck were either herniated or ruptured. They wanted to do surgery but I didn’t want any part of that. Even though I’ve been going to physical therapy for the past 9 years, I remained in severe pain on pretty much a daily basis. Then I went to your concert. After that first session of you playing the bowls, the pain was gone. I mean completely gone .It hasn’t come back. I can’t believe how good I feel. It was instantaneous. I know the sound therapy worked a miracle on me. It’s been two years and I still feel great and have no pain whatsoever.  Thank you, T, you and your work are beyond amazing! 

Michael F., Pompton Plains, NJ 

My daughter has had warts all over her feet for TWO YEARS. The day after the concert, she woke up and the warts were completely gone. I can't believe it. Nothing else worked. They were ALL gone!

Donna B., Sparta, NJ

I always make time for an appointment with you when I come up from Maryland. There just isn't anyone else who does what you do. It's awesome!

Jeff D., Maryland (State Trooper)

After just one concert, my hives were gone! 

Kim C., Sparta, NJ

I attended a concert for the first time a couple of weeks ago and actually went when I was beginning with a cold. By the time I left, my sore throat was gone (and another woman there said the same thing) and while my coworkers were down and out for a week from the same illness, I did not miss a day of work! Thank you T Love!!

Tammy M., Elmwood Park, NJ

I've been waking up with back pain for 8 months. After the bowl treatment I woke up with no pain for the past 4 days and I have more energy.

Liz P., Sparta, NJ

I can't tell you how good my back and shoulder feel. You've got something with those bowls - they work!

Anonymous, Franklin, NJ

I feel great. I want you to know, I walked in here needing to use my cane. I'm walking out without it.

Frank D., Hopatcong, NJ

Thank you for the session. It's the first time I felt so great in the last few months, like the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. I feel great! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry M. (Lucent Technology)

I am still in awe!!  Sunday I took my husband to your concert and told him he was in for a treat! Your concerts are always so special!! I have been suffering from plantar faciatis (not sure how it is spelled) for years. I was taking narcotics on Sundays and Mondays to work through the pain as I am a Chef and spend 8 to 14 hours on my feet cooking. I have notice the first 20 minute session my heels were hurting because I was laying on the floor and they were just touching the floor, this has become usual to me! By the end of the 2nd 20 minute session my heels were not hurting anymore. Then the 3rd session came along with the bowl you placed on my heart and I was so relaxed and felt so joyous and reenergized. I remember wondering how long this was going to last, well, Sunday night I cooked from 8pm to 2:30 am and I did not have pain!!!! That never happens. On Monday I woke up and placed my feet on the floor and there was no pain at all!!! On Monday I cooked for another 5 hours and there was no need to take heavy duty narcotics for pain!!! I am so excited and thrilled, my pain has been gone since Sunday, today is Tuesday and I have been so productive all day long! NO PAIN!!! My dogs love to listen to your CD and I want to share your CD with all my friends and family!!

Thank you T for all that you do! This is a life changing experience for me! I bet my food is going to taste even better! We feel happy and peaceful and I have no pain!


Ana C., Sparta, NJ

Every year I get bronchitis. I sounded awful the morning of your concert. My husband even told me it sounded bad, it was that time of the year and I had better get to the doctor fast. I didn't. But I did attend your concert that evening. The next day I had no cough, no fatigue, nothing. I didn't have any symptoms and I haven't gotten bronchitis and it's been two months. I usually get it like clockwork. Thank you, T. I wish you still lived in MA.

Dana A., Upton, MA

I have been having trouble with my legs for years to the point that I was not able to stand without leaning over, and my family kept telling me to "stand up straight". I am 83 years of age. In 2009 I had a bad fall and seemed to go downhill after that.  Even to the point I was given a cane and a walker recently. The other day I was in my back yard, trying to pick up and empty containers that were ready for the compost pile, and I got the feeling T was thinking of me, and working on me. She calls it proximal healing (distant healing therapy), I came in and watched a little TV, then went to bed.

I slept through the night (unusual) and got up in the morning. I walked to the kitchen, like I haven't been able to walk since my fall, and I was standing up straight with no pain in my back. A few days later I tried standing on one leg with the bottom of the other foot on the side of my knee on the leg I was standing on. It amazed me because of the difficulty I had been having moving on two feet.

I am not running yet, but I am also not dragging my feet and legs. I know I have been saved from having to use a walker everywhere I go.

Jean R., Watertown, CT

I really just want to say that I feel so very blessed to have you in my life. Really. I'm sure you must have this connection with lots of your clients, particularly ones that see you long term / regularly. I hope they all get what I do from you. You've opened your heart and your home to my family, and you've taught me so much. Our family is richer because of you, and what you've done for me. I've never met someone so inspiring, so present and so joyful. I really feel so blessed when I'm around you, talking with you, just feeling your presence in my life. Thank you so much. I don't think I say that enough. I've never had anyone in my life that took on the role of teacher/mentor so well and so completely. I could never hope to learn as much as I'd like about all the stuff you know, all the things you share…I'm simply not smart enough…but as much as I can get, I have and will continue to give to my children, with the hopes that their lives will be that  much more fulfilling.

Kimberly T., Sparta, NJ

Relaxation does not come easy to me at all. This is CRAZY good!

Dawn P., Upton, MA

I recently was privileged to have a private crystal bowl therapy session with T Love. I was experiencing a great deal of stress in my life including personal loss and a significant move. When the session began, my body and soul felt so heavy and I was sad to my core. As T played the bowls and performed energy therapy, I began to feel so much lighter. By the end of the session, I felt as if I could levitate and I left with a great sense of well-being and inner peace. It was an amazing experience.

Cecelia H., Upton, MA

My experience at this concert was a calming sensation of peacefulness. It was a state that was much needed for me and after several days of stress in my life, I felt all that negativity exit my body and wellbeing. It was amazing. Several days later, I am still in a very good place. I look forward to the next concert.

Susan Kozlowski, Newton, NJ

I attended the concerts to get relief from the physical symptoms caused by chronic stress. After a treatment, I find that I can breathe deeper, my muscles are relaxed, my mind is quiet, and I am calmer. Which in turn prevents headaches and tension. I find the results similar to a good massage, however, the vibration of the bowls penetrates deeper within the body. I highly recommend these concerts and want thank T Love for her grace, and generous spirit, and for sharing her gift and time with us.

Anonymous, Newton, NJ

The crystal bowl concert made me feel peaceful, calm and connected, during the concert and for several days afterward. I am definitely addicted and will be back....I also liked being able to include an intention, and it seems as if my intention has been manifesting...Thank you sooo much for doing this work T Love!

Anonymous, NJ

My doctor has had me going for acupuncture. I get the same feeling from these bowls as I do from the acupuncture, except I don't have to deal with needles being stuck all over my stomach. I feel great! Thank you.

 Anonymous, Morristown, NJ

I have only experienced the sound of one crystal bowl prior to attending one of T Love's concerts (indoors). The beautiful blending of sounds and vibrations was amazing - healing, calming and renewing all at the same time! What a beautiful gift you have and thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Lori, Blairstown, NJ

When I came in, I had severe back pain, now the pain is gone"

Anonymous, NJ

My shoulder was aching, after you played the bowls, I have no pain, I feel great.

Anonymous, NJ

I get massages all the time, but I've never felt this good after a massage.

Anonymous, Andover Township, NJ

T Love helped my brother through his cancer. The only time he was really ‘with us’ was after a Reiki treatment.

Brother of brain tumor patient

You have awesome hands!

Jane Berrigan, Fellow Reiki Master

You know, I wasn’t really sure about this, but my dog is doing much better since you’ve been treating her.

Dawn H., Dog Owner

I’ve had massages every week of my entire adult life, but I’ve never felt this good before. Thank you!


I’ve had REIKI before. You have very powerful hands.

Jacqueline, Spa Night Attendee

When he went in for surgery, there was no cancer in my husbands’ bladder. He’s doing so well. We think it’s the Reiki.

I.M., Wife of Client

My dog was so active after the treatment. She’s running up and down the stairs, went for a walk easily, jumped into my truck. She hasn’t been like this in so long. I don’t know what you did, but I want some of what she got.

Mike M., Dog Owner

I came in with a headache, but it’s gone now. I feel great, thanks!


I attended your crystal bowl concert, not knowing much about it, but knowing I could bring a pillow and blanket, rest undisturbed and listen to music. My stomach had been constantly hurting for the past three months so I placed my hands on my abdomen and focused the vibrational energy of the music on that area. I left with my stomach still aching. Half way through the next day, I noticed something was different. My stomach. No more ache. It has been almost a month since. No aches. What a blessing! I can't wait to schedule a private session, or two or three or…

Irene L.